Professor Miller teaches student how to fuck


young handsome schoolboy dressed in a pink top and blue jeans.
sets to leave class after a strenuous day at school and deal with his school activities.
he backs his backpack with the optimum joy of returning home,
before deciding to show a problem in his assignment to Mrs. Miller, who later found out he had an ulterior motive for approaching her,
which he later confessed to, due to the fact he has heard rumors about the teacher
he explains to her that he has a girlfriend,
with whom he has a date tonight and doesn’t,
know how he would have sex with.
she decided to offer her assistance by tutoring him about how he would go about it.
she starts by slowly and calmly sucking his hard dick, and softly jerking it with her hands,
she swallows and occupies the mass of penis in her throat which stimulates her gag reflex,
but she disregards and continues sucking on the dick, they commenced to a slow and steady Fuck on the teacher’s table,
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going deeper into her fleshy vagina
spreading apart her pussy walls
touching with his dick sensitive parts,
stimulating the G-spot making her hold on tightly, telling him to continue his steady pace of fuckcellence
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she assures him he is now an expert and ready to perform beyond expectations on his date.