Master Teaches me how to Behave


well built man and a small fragile looking lady
are seen in the intense and deep part of a hot sexual intercourse, the man is seen digging deep into the fleshy pussy of the lady
getting access through different aspects on the three flat pillows on the bare floor in tattered building, as he manipulates her body in different orientations,
he brings out a black whip which he uses on her thighs whipping her rather lightly
then raising her thighs enabling him to go deeper into her honeycomb
he then holds on to attach a handcuff to her and also cuffs himself with the same cuff,
where he leads her to the bench behind them
He sits on the bench whereas the girl stands and jumps on his dick slowly and carefully
riding his dick in a standing position
the movement makes her average sized titties bounce effortlessly, before he placed her back on the bench, curving her leg properly,
exposing the inner part of her fleshy and juicy vagina to his readily hard and solid dick
he continues with his thrust into her, making her moan loudly as he exerts force on her,
she vibrates and quivers with each entrance on her, as her juicy pussy unleashes pussy juice.