Master Shares One of His Slaves with Friend


Master needs to take one of his slaves for a sexual adventure asks each of them to show off their body, and after a deep assessment makes his choice.
he makes her pack up important props necessary for the adventure which includes a plug he used to fill her butthole.
they drive down to a new master’s house as she considers and thinks of her lucky she has been to have been chosen by her master.
they finally arrived at the location, where her master carries her and drops her on another well-to-do master.
it is assumed that she is her master’s favorite for instance the way they stated deep into each other’s soul before they commenced the adventure.
She exchanges a deep kiss with the new master as her real master strips her and unplugs the plug he had earlier filled in her butthole this indicates the kind of perfectionist he is.
Occasionally she takes a turn to suck each of the master dick, as they both shove their dicks in a fast way down her throat, stimulating her gag reflex and also making her moan.
she is rammed by both dicks through all openings in her as she moans and yells “that’s the right spot”.