Facesitting the Chastity slave


A young man was tied by his hands
And made to sleep on a red couch.
then he was approached by a young beautiful looking and fancy lady
Who was dressed in the black tight, cotton clothes, she exposed the most sensitive parts of her vagina
She sat on his face. And lowered a trousers. To give him access to the innermost part of her pussy.
she grinds on his face with all her strength.
Making him suck all of her inner part.
To get her two new point.
She makes him Lush her outer vagina, with his tongue she rides on his face backwards amd forwards
she then removes the upper part of her clothing.
Exposing her breasts to him. She places his hand on the tip of her breasts. To give her a deep arouser.
She Shivers and quivers. has he sucks deep into her pussy.
She then gets off him, and
Remove every piece of clothing that was on her, Exposing her soft white ass. She sat on his face all over again, grinding deep into the every part of his face.
He brushes the outermost part of our Labia against his face.
She soaks his mouth with a wet. Creamy.
Pussy. and makes him go deeper with each thrust he attempts.